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Miguet Excommunié par son évêque Métropolitain

Publié le 27 Novembre 2015

Mor Severius Moses


Dear Pierre Pascal,

what I can tell you is, that he is a very dangerous man with a demonic explosiv charactar and a lot of lies. This in short, but there is to much to say about him. After a long time of suffering because of him, our Church cast him out for the protection of the Church.

Mor Severius Moïse

ven. 04/12/2015 10:17

Dear Pierre Pascal

Thank you for your mail.

It is impossible to explain to you what we had to endure because of bishop Miguet. His constant lies, demonic explosions, criminal acts, unmoral leadership. Non and really non of any of his priest was a worthy one. I discovered, that most of his priests have children and a unmoral life. He and his priests celebrated in the Syriac vestment tradition but the celebration was far away from the real Syriac tradition. We taught them everything , translated the books for them gave uncountable lessons in order to have them in our real tradition. Miguet did criminal things behind my knowledge to a stage which is not possible to understand.

After all these things we had to cut him out from our Church. Therefore unfortunately, I have to tell you, that I have no trust in any of his clergy, since no one of them had a real vocation and their behavior was to bad. Fr. Isaak changed a lot in a positiv way so I consecrated him to priesthood, since Miguet was always begging me for this. After I consecrated him I was shocked to see, that he was such obedient to Miguet, that he signed with him terrible things.

I bless you, May God bless you.

+Metropolitan Mor Severius

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Philippe 05/12/2015 16:18

Signez la pétition pour demander la démission de cet immonde évêque! https://secure.avaaz.org/fr/petition/Mgr_Miguet_Philippe_La_demission_de_cet_eveque/?cdytYjb

Philippe 05/12/2015 13:50

Il avait réussi à berné cet évêque pour se faire ordonné validement évêque lui-même, mais Dieu qui n'aime pas les menteurs et les pervers qui se servent de Lui et de son Eglise, à permit que la vérité éclate au grand jour! Que Dieu soit bénit et remerciait! Fini les mensonges et les manipulations de ce dangereux Miguet.

Philippe 05/12/2015 13:46

Maintenant que la vérité est dite par la hiérarchie de Miguet, il ne lui reste plus qu'a démissionner et à se faire oublier rapidement! Il veut se faire passer pour ce qu'il n'est pas, et pas de chance pour lui tout le monde c'est qu'il est un immoral personnage!